Description: Mambo electronic song. For commercials, presentations…

Description: Salsa, latin salsa -Mambo feel.

Description: Ethnic, Dance, Ethnic-Latin America, Latin, Latin-Mambo, Fun, Active, Carnival, Driving, Explosive, Wordly, Confident, Dark, Action, Adventure, in a Fun, Confident mood, featuring Conga, Percussion, Electric, Guitar, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano, with a Fast tempo

Description: Ethnic - Latin - Traditional Mambo Beat ala Santana with Guitar Latin Percussion and Organ. 125 BPM, Fast

Description: Ethnic - Latin - Traditional Mambo Beat ala Santana with Hand Percussion. 125 BPM, Fast

Description: Latin influenced, funny, energetic. Latin. Lively, Bright, Happy, Dancing, Festive. Brasses/Horns, World percussion, Percussive Instruments. Holiday, Commercials/TV

Description: A Latin Infusion Mambo Style Track! Blending traditional Cuba Rumba rhythms and contemporary electronic grooves, the track offers a modern take on this classic musical style. The song has African percussion but also incorporates melodies from the Spanish Flamenco adding to the versatility of the track. A cool piece of Mambo / Salsa music to shake your hips to! Great for modern salsa dancing, rhumba or Argentine Tango.

Description: Groovy latin jazz with mambo and salsa influences, featuring brass, piano, percussions and drums. Cool, elegant cocktail/lounge atmosphere, tropical vibe and dancing beat.

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