Description: Acoustic guitar, strongly played, backed by percussive grooves.

Description: Funky backgroud song. For city atmospheres, business topics.

Description: Happy uplifting fun melody that elevates the mood. Great energetic tune for a traveling vlog, commercial, cooking show or diy video. The track features drums, bass, guitars, piano, flute, e.organ, horns and percussion.

Description: Funky motivational and positive song.

Description: Positive funk tune to illustrated some activity that can be done at home during lockdown. The stylish cheerful track sets good mood. Created with drums, bass, guitars, piano, e.piano and percussion it is a good choice for a diy video, vlog. Can be used as a background for some creative process like drawing, sewing, gardening and even apartment renovation. One can not stay bored at home!

Description: Funky beats, rhodes riffs, record scratchin

Description: Hard, funky rhythm laid down on drums alone.

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