Description: i was going for a more progressive-fusion feel. having unique drums but and the old piano feel gives it a sound all its own.

Description: Quirky instrumental 1980s style R&B/Pop

Description: Smooth RnB song with heavy beat and cheerful, tropical instrumentation.

Description: sounds like rihanna, katy perry pop/R&B

Description: very soulful, New sound R&B

Description: Midtempo grrovy underscore with a R &B feel. Brass accents.

Description: Be Mine, performed by Accidental Airplay is the ultimate hip hop and r n b styled Valentines Day jam. The tune was written for Valentines day exclusively, and features male and female vocals, male raps, fun choruses and chants. A super fun tune!

Description: pop instrumentals sounds like pitbull, florida, lady Gaga,

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