Description: i was going for a more progressive-fusion feel. having unique drums but and the old piano feel gives it a sound all its own.

Description: Quirky instrumental 1980s style R&B/Pop

Description: Gorgeous soul R&B music track with catchy rhythm and urban feel. Warm guitar with drums, bass, brass, e.piano, e.organ and synths create good mood. The piece is perfect to illustrate stylish luxury lifestyle, fashion show, summer entertaining videos. Can be used as background music in bar, restaurant or chill zone.

Description: Smooth RnB song with heavy beat and cheerful, tropical instrumentation.

Description: sounds like rihanna, katy perry pop/R&B

Description: very soulful, New sound R&B

Description: Midtempo grrovy underscore with a R &B feel. Brass accents.

Description: Be Mine, performed by Accidental Airplay is the ultimate hip hop and r n b styled Valentines Day jam. The tune was written for Valentines day exclusively, and features male and female vocals, male raps, fun choruses and chants. A super fun tune!

Description: pop instrumentals sounds like pitbull, florida, lady Gaga,

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