Description: Item touches, Hits, movements, and game elements that will make your games and film s more diverse. Apply them to many different Items. Perfect for apps, games, i-pad, i-phone and more applications!

Description: Wooden clicker button sound effect for app, game, handheld tech device. Simple and clear sfx for multimedia.

Description: Parking Meter, Coins Drop, Getting Ticket, Stockholm, Sweden; Digiffects; Coin Foley

Description: Dynamic logo featuring synth, drums, cymbals, synthbass and bells. It conveys a sense of self confidence and success. It can fit perfectly as corporate logo, sustain brand awareness campaigns, underscore short advertisements, presentations, intros and much more.

Description: Nice Button click sound effect for app, game interface and tech devices. High quality sfx for multimedia.

Description: Crisp classic Alert SFX for technology.

Description: A human mouth hand slap generated pop that can be used for many visual and audio apllications like phone app alerts, menu selects, cartoons, games, or interface buttons. Also a great bubble pop sound.

Description: A small magical sound featuring chimes and glockenspiel. Useful for button sounds, game sounds, magic sounds or website roll on/roll off actions.

Description: a good bling sound for an interface beep or videogame sound.

Description: Detailed & textured button click sound effect for app, game, hi-tech interface.

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