Description: anthemic guitar driven rock bumper with catchy rhythm lick ala mtv.

Description: 1960 style garage rock with male vocal.

Description: Up tempo, back beat rock, sports, racing, extreme,edgy

Description: Light rock composition with romantic mood. The piece is all about love, affection, care and deep feelings. Feel the comfort of being in the arms of the person you love. The beautiful track will sound especially good in a romantic video, wadding project, love story. The instruments here are drums, bass, guitars, piano and synths.

Description: guitar driven ethereal delay-laden pop alternative vibe with strong rhythm lick ala u2.

Description: 1960s style garage rock with male vocals.

Description: Driving roots/americana rock. Kinda dark & dusty in a Tom Waits/Nick Cave kinda way. Great diving music down a lonesome highway...

Description: Motivational rock music track with positive mood and energetic melody. Tune that inspires and makes you believe in yourself. Created with guitars, bass, drums and claps, it is a great choice for a commercial, vlog, traveling video, motivational project , tv or radio program and sports project.

Description: Funky muted guitar with strong uptempo beat. Guitar solo & synth pads.

Description: Fun quasi, Rock Pop Moderate Medium Up-tempo Friendly Exotic Human Happy Happiness Positive Humorous Funny Organ Drums Bass Guitar Flute Percussion Band Action Conclusion Resolution Passion Romance Comic Comedy Morning Night Travelling Moving American Party Young Television TV Radio Movies Advertizing Stylish Films.

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