Description: salsa instrumental with modern edge.

Description: Hot & sexy Latin salsa dance track. Think Miami Sound Machine!

Description: Hot, steamy and fun Latin uptempo dance, in the style of 'Sex in the City'. Featuring Latin rhythm section, piano, trumpets. Main mix, 32 and 30sec versions

Description: Horns Flamenco Guitar Latin Percussion.

Description: Hot & sexy Latin salsa dance track! Very festive and lively. Killer bass line!!OCD

Description: About a guy that runs into a long lost friend and though he doesn't want to lose her again, he cant bring himself to tell her that.

Description: Nylon Guitar Latin Percussion Maracas.

Description: Latin - Salsa. Sizzling Mambo evokes memories of 1950's Havana night life. 30 Seconds.

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