Description: A classic Brass Band marching piece of music! A beautiful and heartwarming piece of triumphant classical music. Very regal, noble and perfect for upper class, large estates, and to signify wealth and grandeur.

Description: Nirvana music heavy Grunge soundalike track. A huge and aggressive piece of classic Heavy Metal music. Very heavy distorted guitars, powerful drums and pounding bass lines - the perfect track to give your visuals that powerful metal edge.

Description: An upbeat and uptempo piece of calypso summer music. A fun filled piece of summer music, great for holidays and travel. That perfect carribean calypso sound!

Description: A full vocal production track about sailing, crossing a river, and taking a journey on a boat to a loved one! A very chilled out and relaxed piece of music based around a beautiful picking acoustic guitar pattern. The lyrics constantly reference sailing, and would be perfect for a cruise liner promo video and much more!

Description: An exotic and mysterious Arabian night! Great for Indian Markets, Belly Dancers, and the vibe of the middle east. A piece of Asian music, exotic and colorful, with elements of Indian Music, Chinese Music, Pakistani Music and much more. Flavors and Colors from around the world, fused together with hints of the Middle East. Great for Bollywood films.

Description: A cool and ethnic piece of Japanese style hip hop. Elements of hip hop, rap and urban sounds infuse with japan, and japanese culture!

Description: A cool piece of extreme sports style music designed for sky diving or bunjee jumping! Great for skydiving promotional videos.

Description: Reflective and somber funeral music. A church organ slowly plays as families and friends sit in the church. Very sad, reflective and somber, the perfect piece of music for a funeral, or the background music for a funeral visual in a TV show or film.

Description: A fusion of Halloween scary sounds and Hip Hop rap music! A scary and tense piece of horror music, perfect for horror films, thriller TV shows, scary computer games, and much more! Tension building, suspenseful and mysterious, great for dark and twisted visual scenes.

Description: Very light and sparse warm piano ambient music. A relaxed and chilling piece of music, great for light documentaries, background music for tv shows, lift music, Muzak, elevator music, on hold, and much more.

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