Description: indie chill wave jam with crunchy drums, smooth guitar, and electronic sounds

Description: Ambient pads and percussion, works well with a voiceover. Overall floating senation, great for spa, relaxation, dreamy music. Sparse and simple great for an opening landscape scene. Works well under a voiceover, the simplicity of the vibes will not detract from visuals.

Description: “Corporate Teambuilding" is a motivational, inspiring, high-quality corporate and minimalistic track for your business presentation, video, media, advertising and any other of your ideas.

Description: Simplistic, rhythmic, fast moving & driving motion, using reversed fx. Very scientific and technological. Great for time speeded-up, backwards motion, busy & bustling sequences, documentary & movement. Features rhythmic electronic mellow synth with sparse piano. Main mix and 30sec version

Description: Solid groove with funky guitar, catchy synths and mysterious strings.

Description: Fresh, dynamic track with a slight emphasis on technology. The track is written taking into account the development of the plot, and it perfectly suits as background music for a video about a startup or dynamically developing IT company.

Description: Crazy and very fun piece. Kazoo soloing on a catchy and groovy bed. Works great on advertising, comedy and quirky/catchy stuff.

Description: A strong cinematic background music with motivational sound. It is great for a film about a company, annual report, video from construction site of development project and business presentation.

Description: Quirky Sci-Fi instrumental with some feel good and eerie spots. Possible uses can range from commercials, sci-fi documentaries, trailers, etc.

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