Description: indie chill wave jam with crunchy drums, smooth guitar, and electronic sounds

Description: Ambient pads and percussion, works well with a voiceover. Overall floating senation, great for spa, relaxation, dreamy music. Sparse and simple great for an opening landscape scene. Works well under a voiceover, the simplicity of the vibes will not detract from visuals.

Description: Arpeggio uplifting music track that can be used as a background for your traveling video, timelapse, showreel. Relaxing soft piece that makes young think of time and timelessness. Enjoy every minute and second of your life! The tune is created with drums, synths and bells.

Description: Simplistic, rhythmic, fast moving & driving motion, using reversed fx. Very scientific and technological. Great for time speeded-up, backwards motion, busy & bustling sequences, documentary & movement. Features rhythmic electronic mellow synth with sparse piano. Main mix and 30sec version

Description: Solid groove with funky guitar, catchy synths and mysterious strings.

Description: This track is weird yet fitting for abstract or experimental sports pieces. The track comprises of various percussive elements of varying degrees, from nature to digital glitches & bass drums but at its core it has a ball bouncing to signify its sporty nature.

Description: Crazy and very fun piece. Kazoo soloing on a catchy and groovy bed. Works great on advertising, comedy and quirky/catchy stuff.

Description: Quirky Sci-Fi instrumental with some feel good and eerie spots. Possible uses can range from commercials, sci-fi documentaries, trailers, etc.

Description: A really dark theme with many elements including vocals buried under the mix...Mostly guitar and synth oriented..Perfect for any dark feature

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