Description: Piano & Contempo Ensemble Instrumental.

Description: Popular religious tune by J.S. Bach performed on church organ.

Description: Beautiful solo church organ Prelude by all known composer J. S. Bach. Spacious, solemn and pensive, sad and nostalgic. Well suited for documentary and movie projects, video background, church service. Slow tempo.

Description: A hymn written by William Kethe in the 1500’s. Most instances set to the music of Old background, carols, classic, children, church music, hymn, hymns, religious, spiritual, holiday mix,Hundredth also from that century and is one of the best known pieces in all Christian music traditions. A hymn that has been popular for 400 years! Here presented with a classic chamber ensemble that would have been used at that time. This would make a reverent addition to any related theme or service orientated event. 102bpm

Description: a basic country track suitable to play solo instruments with or create a vocal line.

Description: Popular religious piece with choir and church organ.

Description: gregorian chant, choral, church bells, holy, reverent, spiritual, cathedral echo.

Description: A beautiful classical piece with church organ and choir.

Description: The sacred Christian hymn 'Come Thou Fount' is a familiar traditional folk tune. Soft vibrant melodies building & climbing to a soaring passionate & exciting climax. The deep acoustic cello is poignant & moving. The flying violins are sweet bright, & elegant. Calm & serene yet uplifting & positive.

Description: Popular religious piece performed on church organ.

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