Description: Work parts, music transitions, Jazz Gems

Description: Cheerful jazz music track played by orchestra of drums, bass, piano, trumpets, trombones, a.sax and t.sax. The ensemble created a positive composition that will sound good in a retro style movie scene, advertisement, promo video, vlog. Can be used as a background for a romantic story as well. Enjoy!

Description: The track that combines funk rhythm with jazz chords. Cheerful atmospheric piece created with drums, bass, piano, e.piano, trumpets, trombones, a.sax, t.sax and synths. Playful piece with optimistic mood is great for commercials, tv or radio shows, podcasts, entertainment projects and more.

Description: Funky smooth jazz featuring James Hill on trumpet.

Description: Radiant and confident, featuring bright horns, electric guitar and drum kit that create an uplifting, sincere mood.

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