Description: Positive EDM guitar pop house track with exuberant vibes, high energy and unforgettable melody, radio ready! Lots of electric guitars, off the wall riffs, house beats and bass make this track a must have for your high energy , four on the floor collection since works magic in video presentations, commercials and dance floors.

Description: Happy, fun pop track with a positive and feel good vibe.

Description: Fun upbeat indie pop rock track with a catchy acoustic guitar riff. Whimsical and playful. Featuring acoustic and electric guitars, Drums, bass, glockenspiel, electric piano and organ. Great track for technology ads, comedy, hipster commercials. Playful scenes and advertisements. Travel and cooking.

Description: This is my new melodious magic vocal track with beautiful mood, which contain electric guitar lead, soft synths and dreamy fx…I have included in pack different versions of this track – original with voice and short looped without voice, for your comfortable using…This track can be used anywhere – like musical background for websites, in games and movies, corporate video etc…Enjoy:) background, commercial, corporate, dreamy, drums, easy, electric guitar, electronic, emotional, energetic, modern, motivational, opening, pop, positive, soft, soundtrack, strings, video, vocal, voice, website, song, sexy, erotic, love, romantic, wedding, pop song, summer, reflective, relaxed, sentimental, sensual, smooth, light, calm, hypnotic

Description: A bright, honest and positive feelgood, track Inspire By Alicia Keys New Single .Wonderful honest hooks, suitable for commercials, drama, teenage / young adults , family, home hope good vibes are the feelings that his track carries

Description: Happy, fun pop track with a positive and feel good vibe.

Description: A steady driving, guitar riff based classic rock track with big guitars, pounding bass, and energetic live drums. Great for sports reels, upbeat corporate videos or energetic productions that need that musical lift.

Description: classical house track that can be used as background music

Description: Happy and positive progressive house, with lotsa melodic synth progressions, pads glitched vocals and glittery chords, excellent for presentations, web, clubs, dance floors and listening.

Description: Happy, fun pop track with a positive and feel good vibe.

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