Description: captivatingly beautiful layers of sound ebb and flow to create a downtempo masterpiece.

Description: atmospheric, ethereal, calm, mellow, guitar, electric

Description: Magic harp ringtone loop for multimedia projects.

Description: This is a positive ambient electronic track with orchestral elements featuring electric guitar and piano, synth leads and atmospheric pads, catchy drums, bass and amazing orchestral strings. Great for various projects.

Description: As an acoustic guitar solo, this track is both peaceful and romantic.

Description: Best music track that depicts the beauty of the northern light. So deep atmospheric tune that creates the magical atmosphere of this natural phenomena. This gives you shivers not sure why – because of arctic cold or because of astonishing beauty. The ambient piece is created with drums, synths and piano. It is just perfect for your creative projects related to nature, space, science, technology.

Description: guitar, strings, slow, ambient, gentle, relaxing, calm.

Description: This is soft relaxing ambient track with warm atmosphere and peaceful feeling. Ideal as smooth background.

Description: Beautiful ambient electronic music with lush synths, soft melodies and light tribal percussion that will take the listener to a peaceful place in their own world.

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