Description: captivatingly beautiful layers of sound ebb and flow to create a downtempo masterpiece.

Description: atmospheric, ethereal, calm, mellow, guitar, electric

Description: Looking up at the sky and taking in all of nature's many marvels, slow and building soothing electronic drones with light pulses.

Description: This is a positive ambient electronic track with orchestral elements featuring electric guitar and piano, synth leads and atmospheric pads, catchy drums, bass and amazing orchestral strings. Great for various projects.

Description: As an acoustic guitar solo, this track is both peaceful and romantic.

Description: Ethereal guitar and synth pads create a reflective and peaceful atmosphere.

Description: guitar, strings, slow, ambient, gentle, relaxing, calm.

Description: This is soft relaxing ambient track with warm atmosphere and peaceful feeling. Ideal as smooth background.

Description: Calm and peaceful track featuring piano, choir, celesta and bass. It creates a smooth and tranquil atmosphere and is suitable for ads, commercials and other audiovisual projects.

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