Description: captivatingly beautiful layers of sound ebb and flow to create a downtempo masterpiece.

Description: atmospheric, ethereal, calm, mellow, guitar, electric

Description: Atmospheric sentimental ambient for various projects.

Description: This is a positive ambient electronic track with orchestral elements featuring electric guitar and piano, synth leads and atmospheric pads, catchy drums, bass and amazing orchestral strings. Great for various projects.

Description: As an acoustic guitar solo, this track is both peaceful and romantic.

Description: An organic electro ambient track, with edgy indie drums, deep electric bass, airy electric guitars and synthesizers, modern house mallets and hypnotic percussions. Useful track for ambient, documentaries, timelapse, imaginative, cinematic and dreamy ethereal projects.

Description: guitar, strings, slow, ambient, gentle, relaxing, calm.

Description: This is soft relaxing ambient track with warm atmosphere and peaceful feeling. Ideal as smooth background.

Description: A chillout electro ambient track, featuring spacious strings, airy synths and deep drums, creating a slick and smooth inspiring mood.

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