Description: Acoustic guitar and ukulele lead the way in this song like cue.

Description: A heartwarming laid back acoustic track in folk style providing a mellow and serene background for your project. Organic sound, all live instrumentation (acoustic guitars, light shaker)

Description: A fun and upbeat acoustic track in country style. Instrumentation: resonator guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion, banjo, mandolin.

Description: An instrumental guitar driven track in country rock style providing a relaxed and confident mood over a steady forward driving tempo, just like a midtempo horseriding towards a cozy red sunset. Instrumentation: guitars (acoustic, electric, slide), bass, drums, tambourine.

Description: A playful and carefree acoustic folk tune with a naive cheerful mood. All live instrumentation (ukulele, upright bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin, slide resonator guitar) provide a tasty organic sound and a natural sincere vibe.

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