Description: industrial / intense / dark / electronic.

Description: Forward, Spot Positive Industrial Medium Advertizing.

Description: Creative dark electronic music

Description: This electro-metal track delivers a demolishing guitar riffs, dirty and rusty drums, distorted Industrial percussion and straight-up techno-alike bass synths.

Description: This powerful, aggressive, provocative and heavyweight royalty free music theme will charge you with strength and energy for long hours. Powerful guitar riffs, frenzy of drum and bass grooves, a compilation of industrial sounds and classic rock & metal, shouting crowds and chemical attack of acid synthesizers - all this unique cocktail is designed to make you develop adrenalin, rage, be strong and not give up. Great for film production, TV production, radio show, advertising, all kinds of sports, fight, extreme, war, brutality and GoPro videos. Suitable as background, soundtrack or sound illustration. Keep On Rocking!

Description: Industry game tribal dark gloomy dark night primitive.

Description: Friendly light rhythm track with featuring electric piano.

Description: Industrial style relaxing background music with piano

Description: look also for high pulsation.

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