Cue Sheets

Cue sheets are required ONLY if you are using the Music on Television or in a Commercial/Theatre Release. If you are not using the Music on TV or in a Film released commercially in theatres, you need not read any further.

Cues sheets are a piece of paper that is filled out by the producer or the video (often the production company) and list the composers and publishers of the Music that has been played on Television. There is no cost to file a cue sheet and no liability or other annoyance associated with the filing.

Filing of the cue sheet simply assists the Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) with divvying up large pools of money that they collect in performance licensing fees paid to them by major broadcasters such as ABC, CBS, NBC, the BBC, etc. for music aired over their networks. By filing a cue sheet, you are helping a small, unknown composer / publisher to potentially collect some money from this massive cash pool to help pay their bills and feed their families. You should file your cue sheet within 30 days of the original broadcast.

How and where to file your cue sheet:

You will find a blank cue sheet template here. Please print it out, complete it, and do both of the following:
1) Fax it to us at 1-818-647-0497 or email it to cuesheets[at]
2) Send it to your local Performing Rights Organization (PRO) - those are the folks with the massive pool of money who will in turn pay the composers and publishers listed on your cue sheet. Below are links to the PROs around the world. Please file your cue sheet with the appropriate PRO in your country.

Publisher and Composer information needed to complete your cue sheets is available on demand on the individual track pages of our site. Simply drill down by clicking the hyperlinked title of the track, and the cue sheet info appears on the individual track page. You can also contact us and we’ll supply you with the cue sheet info on any track in our library. Please send us the title of the music track and if possible, send a link to the track itself as it appears on our site, and we will reply with all the necessary cue sheet information.

Links to File Cue Sheets

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