Description: Positive, fun and uplifting 8-bit video game tune with a great super beat to keep the energy high! Loop-able Track Perfect for Social Apps and Games! Great for Minecraft videos! Mario and Nintendo will be jealous! Sonic and Sega can 8 bit a gameboy! Check out HeatleyBros page for more great music.

Description: Light hearted comedy underscore for family fun... Baby's day out, the cue uses brass and strings to create a warm melody that will make you smile. Wholesome family values and visions of suburbia, Home made apple pie, great for short films and TV as well as commercial/corporate use

Description: A subtle, joyfull, slightly melancholic, piano based track, featuring strings and drums. It evokes a feeling of a delicate smile, of coming home after a long journey, of satisfaction after tiresome struggle...

Description: Corporate Happy Fun Trumpet Winning pop rock music 20s intro, which contain brass section and catchy synth solo...Very positive and bright 20sec track, which include rythmic electric guitar, trumpet, bass and dance drums...It can be used in commercial smartphone games, movies, nice events video - birthday, christmas, wedding party...Good for using in cheerful corporate youtube video, as a musical background for business advertising websites, tv or radio programs. advertising, background, bright, cheerful, commercial, corporate, energetic, fun, game, happy, happy logo, happy music, holiday, joyful, joyful music, logo, merry, motivational, music, optimistic, positive, positive music, presentation, short, successful, trumpet, uplifting, video, website, youtube, intro, happy intro, pop, rock, pop rock, achievement, bouncy, big, funny, festive, easy, video game, hopeful, inspirational, light, lively, playful, peaceful, fast

Description: A marchlike jazz two-beat swing tune with a rueful and melancholic melody and a light instrumentation of piano, marimba, flute, acoustic guitar and acoustic bass.

Description: Driving electro dance track, exciting, upbeat, fast moving, perfect for advertising and ciommercial underscore, will suit young urban demographic. Has a chemical sounding vibe using synths, percussion and exciting electro clicks and sounds, will suit technology.

Description: A Silly Melody that would have been perfect in a 1970 's 1980 's 1990 's early video

Description: This is my new, really motivational, sport powerful Energetic Game Aggressive Music Logo intro music track with many bright instruments - catchy synths, bass, exciting old club breakbeat rythmical drums, etc…This short opening track can be used anywhere – as an energetic musical background for websites, flash action games and corporate opener video, action video, sport radio or tv news, etc…Enjoy:) 90s, achievement, action, advertising, aggressive, angry, bright, broadcast, commercial, competition, confident, cool, corporate, dance, oldstyle, dynamic, energetic, extreme, fast, game, hard, intense, intro, motivational, news, noise, opening, powerful, logo, short, show, sport, sport action, sport game, sport logo, sport news, sport show, sports music, strong, tension, uplifting, video game, high tech, industrial, music, background, proud, rave, playful, bouncy, fast

Description: A playful and happy tune full of positive energies. Featuring a marimba and bongos. Great for cartoons and video games.

Description: This instrumental has a hip hop beat to go with electric guitars. .

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