Description: a lively swinging polka using the jazz be bop form of rhythm changes with improvised solos by accordion and clarinet.

Description: Quirky instrumental 1960s style polka rock n’ roll

Description: Polka 3/4 Orchestral Music For Documentary Or Advertise

Description: "Luxury Fashionable Club" An energetic, incendiary and uplifting track in the genre of modern commercial club dance music. The track is filled with an atmosphere of style, fashion, beauty and luxury. Can be used in TV, movies, radio, youtube, web ads, viral marketing, commercials and more. Nice groove and beat for audio / video editing.

Description: a marchlike polka with a beer barrel polka vibe featuring accordion, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, flute, tuba, guitar and drums.

Description: European folk. Lively joyful bright happy dancing festive uplifting friendly bouncy. Acoustic guitars accordion. Holiday. Joyful.

Description: This is pure a pizzicato variant of Slovak folk polka.

Description: Short fast Russian sounding dance piano polka piece.Ideal for underscore or Eastern European cues.Silent films.

Description: A jazzy and quirky polka with a sultry jazz melody played by accordion, bass clarinet, acoustic guitar, drums and tuba emulating an upright bass.

Description: a slightly lazy polka (tempowise) for the couch potato featuring accordion, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, tuba, mandolin and drums.

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