Description: Hard hitting Trap beat you would hear 3 six mafia on.

Description: Spacey rises, percussive synth stabs, smooth ambient synth melodies, vocal chants, hard pounding MPC style drums, and low 808 sub bass.

Description: Trip Trap Epic Sensation contains epic multi pads, hefty hip hop trap beats, a live swinging bass with drops along with a perk loop that is playing on a 200 bpm grid.

Description: Turn up type of Trap beat you would hear Rick Ross rap over.

Description: A catchy analog lead synth melody, sharp electro synth stabs, panning electro synth fills, distorted electric guitar power chords, angelic string pads, lush piano and string chord patterns, ambient synth fills, hard thumping MPC style drum programming, and low 808 bass boom

Description: Dark, twisted, hard trap beat, deep sub bass, 808 beats, hyper hi hats.

Description: A Trap Beat includes epic bells,synts,brasses,bass etc. The Beat is great for Trap Stuff! Includes High Quality Mp3 file.

Description: Modern electronic track with trap elements featuring piano, synths, atmospheric pads, plucks, deep sub-bass, glitched percussion, and groovy drums. Perfect for motion graphics, web videos, science and invention, medicine, time-laps, pharmaceutical and high technology, and other media projects.

Description: Epic Trap with driving strings and hard 808's

Description: Trap Wash kick and snare is grooving at 65 bpm minutes while the hi hats are grooving at 130 bpm, but yet, the keyboards play between bpm so imagine how awesome this track is.

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