Description: sad adagio arranged with orchestral strings & piano.

Description: Romantic and sentimental soundtrack featuring classical piano lines, bells, harpsichord, choir, orchestral strings section and a gentle percussion. This music will fit well for love and touching situations, romantic, documentary, cinematic type projects.

Description: Cascade of turmoil and angst. Grave orchestral with an uplifting violin, that tells a story of it's own.

Description: Uptempo orchestral theme with strings and flute melody.

Description: A score inspired by a Lion King like sound :) Fun for anything....Mostly for adventurous themes

Description: Dark experimental score unleashing the inner demons.Ambient score with metalic beats and abstract sounds. Suspense and mystery as the central theme, this track is a must have for projects with dark and suspense themes.

Description: Short upbeat orchestral theme.

Description: A victorious sounding piece...embellished with strings and synth...A great piece for any action sequence..

Description: Melodic piano that builds into a full orchestral section before going back to the main theme again.

Description: Sad melodic developing theme.

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