Description: sad adagio arranged with orchestral strings & piano.

Description: Romantic and sentimental soundtrack featuring classical piano lines, bells, harpsichord, choir, orchestral strings section and a gentle percussion. This music will fit well for love and touching situations, romantic, documentary, cinematic type projects.

Description: A cool synthesizer piece with a light back beat and bass.

Description: Powerful epic orchestral track in the spirit of Pirates of the Caribbean, designed for use in adventure projects, to highlight achievements of modern heroes in sports, business etc. The orchestra introduces a strong catchy punctuated melody, which is later on carried by brass and woodwinds. The cinematic blockbuster character of the piece is underlined by huge hybrid orchestral and electronic drum beats. All this builds up to a climax at the end of the tune. Other variants available: 3:50, 1:40, 1:50, 1:00, 0:15

Description: Uptempo orchestral theme with strings and flute melody.

Description: A score inspired by a Lion King like sound :) Fun for anything....Mostly for adventurous themes

Description: Inspirational, noble, film, choir, main title theme, movie thematic

Description: Urban,hip hop,soul,instrumental,background

Description: Short upbeat orchestral theme.

Description: A victorious sounding piece...embellished with strings and synth...A great piece for any action sequence..

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