Description: sad adagio arranged with orchestral strings & piano.

Description: Romantic and sentimental soundtrack featuring classical piano lines, bells, harpsichord, choir, orchestral strings section and a gentle percussion. This music will fit well for love and touching situations, romantic, documentary, cinematic type projects.

Description: Deep evocative film score representing adventure, voyage and conquer. Passionate strings, stalwart drums and deep brass together with a cymabals and bright percussion sounds and FX. Great for TV shows, films and commercials.

Description: A short introductory track using horn melodic harmonies, string arpeggio’s and percussion to create a determined, wartime feel. This takes the two variations and creates a full-length version with increasing percussive texture throughout. A minor, 120 bpm.

Description: Uptempo orchestral theme with strings and flute melody.

Description: A score inspired by a Lion King like sound :) Fun for anything....Mostly for adventurous themes

Description: Epic soundtrack music arrangement for movie trailers. Evocative and powerful strings and ethnic percussion. Uplifting ceremonial and grand theme, inspiring, full of hope, growth and progress. Triumphant orchestral stings, world beat, cinematic.

Description: Short upbeat orchestral theme.

Description: A victorious sounding piece...embellished with strings and synth...A great piece for any action sequence..

Description: A cool synthesizer piece with a light back beat and bass.

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