Selling Music on AudioMicro

  1. Offline Artist Royalties
  2. What exactly does royalty free mean?
  3. What does "crowd source for content" mean?
  4. How are you different from your competition?
  5. How much money can I potentially earn selling my music on AudioMicro?
  6. What commission rate do I earn if my track sells?
  7. I am used to very high licensing fees. Will this undermine my high paying tracks?
  8. What’s the difference between selling my track exclusively versus non-exclusively?
  9. Do I still retain copyright ownership if my track is sold on AudioMicro?
  10. How can I see downloads I have received?
  11. How do I get paid? When do I get paid?
  12. Is there any way I can get paid my royalties even if I haven’t amassed $50 in payments?
  13. What style of music are you looking for?
  14. Do you prefer music with vocals or just instrumentals?
  15. What copyright restrictions should I be aware of before uploading a track?
  16. Can I remove my track from your site at any time?
  17. Am I allowed to upload a track that uses 3rd party samples or loops?
  18. I am a member of ASCAP, BMI, or another Performing Rights Organization (PRO). How will I receive royalties if my track is broadcast on TV or radio?
  19. My track is already registered with an ASCAP, BMI, or other PRO publisher. How will that publisher get royalties if my track is broadcast on TV or radio?
  20. Can AudioMicro act as my publisher?
  21. How do I become a featured artist?
  22. How does AudioMicro advertise?
  23. What % of the subscription packages goes back to the composers?
  24. Tips for selling on AudioMicro
  25. How do you calculate royalties?
  26. Why do none of my tracks have a price?
  27. How to I become an AudioMicro Artist?
  28. What is micro stock?
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