Description: Piano, mallets and bells piece, excellent for advertising music, but suitable for presentations and web.

Description: Come on everyone, time to decorate for the holidays! A spirited rendition of the well known Christmas classic, featuring electric guitars and synths.

Description: Serving up a family styled holiday dinner made with love, warm and gentle jazz trio waltz rendition of The First Noel.

Description: Uplifting and motivational pop rock track with various elements expressing a lot of positivity and strong confidence. Positive energy and catchy mood. Guitar riffs are full of freedom and happiness, spacey synths are bright and vibey.

Description: Warm tidings and good moods at the holiday party by a fireside bar, jazz trio version of the New Years classic Auld Lang Syne performed in 6/8 styled waltz.

Description: This is a Powerful Dramatic Cinematic Trailer Intro battle track with exciting sound. Track contain different bright instuments – big war drums, violins, cello, live bass, fx, choirs, strings, brass, cymbal, electric guitar, indian vocals samples (my own) etc…This track can be used anywhere – in war games and movies, documentary scientific films, like movie trailer or epic, adventure music for website background..

Description: Bringing in the New Year with all your friends at a hip party. Electronic drums with an active synth melody playing a familiar melody.

Description: Gather up your family and go out on a lively sleighride through the country. A down home folky rendition of a well-loved song, featuring sleighbells and country acoustic guitar.

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