Description: Piano, mallets and bells piece, excellent for advertising music, but suitable for presentations and web.

Description: Uplifting and motivational pop rock track with various elements expressing a lot of positivity and strong confidence. Positive energy and catchy mood. Guitar riffs are full of freedom and happiness, spacey synths are bright and vibey.

Description: Solitary Female Vocal Yodeling

Description: This is a Powerful Dramatic Cinematic Trailer Intro battle track with exciting sound. Track contain different bright instuments big war drums, violins, cello, live bass, fx, choirs, strings, brass, cymbal, electric guitar, indian vocals samples (my own) etcThis track can be used anywhere in war games and movies, documentary scientific films, like movie trailer or epic, adventure music for website background..

Description: Listen up! Traditional ""First Call"" military bugle call. Traditional - Patriotic - Americana - Military, Bugle Call. 10 BPM. Full Mix.

Description: Acoustic guitar diddies. Version - 5 Versions

Description: Piano, flute, and violin arrangement of this traditional song. A gentle performance, the style of this version would lend itself well to a modern wedding with lots of white, outside under a midday sun. Version - Quartet Version

Description: Laid-back combo style arrangement consisting of a female vocalist, piano, drum kit with brushes, and upright bass. This piece feels like the lights are turned down low and everyone is nice and cozy. Version - With Vocals

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