Description: The sound-a-like of the classic 1970s disco track. You can almost hear the bell bottoms. Club 54, Disco era, Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta, disco dance music, Cyndi Lauper, Tina Turner.

Description: Pensive pulsating ,vibe with a tinge of creepy uneasiness that would work well for crime / law, forensic or science investigation / technology / internet Energetic, suspenseful drama / documentary type underscore/.proud. Documentary / Drama / Discovery , Action. Mysterious and full of wonder and tension , this track is perfect for a drama / thriller. A moment of searching and careful discovery. Searching and informative , this contemporary track is great for showing light discovery and wonder.

Description: Classic disco feel, late 70's, tv pop orchestra, upbeat

Description: A modern, corporate, happy, uplifting, energetic pop logo track. For positive, modern and joyful projects.

Description: uptempo 70's style disco instrumental.

Description: Classic disco feel, late 70's, tv pop orchestra, upbeat

Description: This one is radiant royalty free 80's melody filled with vintage synths, punchy basses, neon lights and positive moods! It's a magical retro tune made for any 80s inspired media project. Use it in your intros, travel vlogs, personal blogs, openers, retro-themed video games, promos and you tube contents and you will add some special and cooler features just like that! Or simply you can just add it into your playlist!

Description: fun, tongue in cheek, throwback disco track with wah guitar, strings and horns. perfect porn soundtrack!.

Description: Upbeat Dance/Pop track with catchy synths and strongs drum beat. Energetic and uplifting.

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