Description: Urban, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Access Hollywood, Light, Upbeat, Fun, Party, Quirky, Sexy, Traveling, Turntable, Scratch, Pizzicato Strings, Keyboards

Description: Delicious cheeky electro track with male rap vocal, great for advertising use, will work as underscore or cut in for any youth urban demographic. Would sync up to any teenage/youth scenes. Hey baby girl! Its nice to meet you... Just wanna know if I can freak Ya..

Description: Sinful as it sounds, raunchy, spicy and racy at the same time. Percussive and lead synths plucks, deep bass and kicks, and an intro with crisp and slick congo and bongo reverbs. Energy, workout music, pushing limits, aerobic, playful, competitive, pulse, electronic, techno.

Description: funky rnb corporate track, urban.

Description: Progressive trance with heavy stabs and synth stacks. Jumpy club beats with core mystery and suspense elements.

Description: heavy beat, driving rhythm, pop electronic, vocal intro.

Description: Raunchy, electric and spicy punctuated beats, the ultimate track to let your hair down.sliced Dub synth percussion and beats

Description: relaxed funk with breakbeat, acoustic guitar and filtered bass.

Description: Laden with suspense and urgency, but smooth at the same time, this track perfectly captures dark and suspense notions. Unique track with dark pop sounds, slick beats and crazy synths. Tension building beats, stalking, suspense, covert, slick, dangerous.

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