Description: An a cappella arrangement of "Amazing Grace" performed by Kaliyo

Description: Spacious, emotional piece with haunting vocal performance and delicately arranged strings.

Description: Dark longing, heartbreak, opera, classical with male vocal

Description: Renaissance Invocation Composed in 2011 on a Lars Von Trier’s movie sequence: 3 a cappella female voices from the Balkans. Suggestive chorale for a movie sequence or for whatever is full of spirituality and purification.

Description: Very short choir piece. Public domain, grand, powerful, triumphant. Suitable for catchy stinger.

Description: Slow, ethereal, beautiful and haunting theme featuring solo female soprano vocals, harp and strings. Exudes high class and quality. Great for advertising and even Celtic music. 60sec main mix, 60sec lite mix, 30sec and 13sec versions

Description: Ambient, voices, mystic, easy listening

Description: Children's Choir, piano and synths combine together to create a heavenly fantasy atmosphere that gradually rises as if someone was walking towards a light.

Description: Exciting, giant ending, opera, orchestral, male vocal

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