Description: This positive driving track is great to show off speed / sports / fashion. A strong heroic sports theme Gladiator sport hockey news opening Modern and exciting this track is full of driving energy. Good as a background under cars , sports. Fast energetic track , lots of angry dangerous energy , great as an opening or closing to sports / action / cars and anything aggressive and fast. Dancy and upbeat track , opening for a comedy / talk show / fashion style type video. Over all positive vibe , crazy and feel good background track suitable for sports , information / technology / fashion and anything optimistic driving and positive !

Description: Powerful, edgy Electronic track with wailing synth guitar, solid drum groove, pounding bass and pads. Laid back, yet very punching, this atmospheric track is great for Science Fiction, Technology, Mystery, Suspense and Action projects.

Description: A sweet building symphony of joyful empowering melodies. The soft light innocent grand piano, driving energetic acoustic guitar, confident chimes, cheerful bells, powerful timpani, & hopeful lively strings, make this a positive, determined & sentimental piece. Happy exciting fun collegiate mood.

Description: Rough and aggressive , this energetic rock track is great for those fast and energetic openings , sports / cars / robots . A Tense driving energy from beginning to end,track is great to show off speed / sports / fashion.

Description: A happy, upbeat instrumental acoustic version of "Happy Birthday" song with guitar, piano and cool beats, best for parties, intros or commercials.

Description: A happy and fun cue, full of optimism and joy.

Description: Happy classical version of the song Happy Birthday to you. Perfect for celebration, calm soft music for YouTube videos and advertising projects. Bright, positive classic waltz track. Happy and cheerful.

Description: Funny and happy music two step Old Style Christmas Thenmed

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