Description: spaghetti western score in the style of ennio morricone.

Description: This score would find its home in any western type of movie or documentary.

Description: Sweeping, Copelandesque, trumpet solos, grandeur

Description: Old west style instrumental with Banjo and tempo change.

Description: Enter the gunslingers! One Bad Hombre is a nod to the Hollywood spaghetti westerns of old. Its a dirty, grimy little song featuring an array of four guitars two acoustic and two electric. A simple drum pattern knocks out the rhythm to this rootin tootin six shootin dust up!

Description: Instrumental with an old west feel, featuring banjo, harpsichord, bass and drums.

Description: Classic cowboy style theme music with plucky acoustic guitar, fiddle and traditional western instruments to create a sense of urgency and mystery.

Description: Old west style instrumental, with banjo and harpsichord.

Description: Far west whistle is A simple high spirited whistle piece that takes you back to the old west...

Description: Lights, Camera, Action, old west, scenic, panoramic, broad, picturesque

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