Description: midtempo mexican folk music featuring acoustic guitar, with a modern beat.

Description: A flamenco styled mariachi track with acoustic guitar and trumpet.

Description: Uptempo, happy and catchy traditional Mexican Mariachi band. Full of sunshine with a hint of Jalapeno spice, this lively number takes you right into the heart of El Paso. Perfect for travel, commercials, TV and documentary. Features acoustic guitars and trumpet with light percussion- various mixes

Description: Lively and dramatic, full bodied and colourful Flamenco dance, characteristic of Southern Spain. Think Matador at a bullfight - a real intense flavour of Spain. Features trumpet, flamenco guitars, flamenco fx, castinets & hand claps. Main mix, underscore & 2 x 30sec versions.

Description: Spanish Sunset is a classical Spanish Acoustic Guitar Track. Perfect for any Latin related video project or footage.

Description: Upbeat Mariachi band, horns, guitars featured

Description: Upbeat Mariachi band, horns, guitars featured

Description: A fun traditional Mexican mariachi track. This would fit great with all types of media, especially travel, vacation leisure backgrounds and documentary projects needing Mexican, Latin or Hispanic flavor. It features trumpets, acoustic guitar and bass, violins, accordion and maracas.

Description: Latin Mariachi background music. Traditional and festive.

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