Description: An upbeat, optimistic and fun track featuring ukuleles, acoustic guitars, piano, hand claps, catchy glockenspiel lines and a mandolin and banjo backing, making it ideal for children's productions, commercial or corporate use.

Description: Bells, Kind, Happy, children, dreamy, nice, flowing, gentle

Description: A Delicate Baby Lullaby. This Piece is great for Promo, Babies, Children, Family, Insurance, Healthcare, Real Estate, Finance, Tutorial, Education, Testimonial Check out my Portfolio for more Music ! Good Luck with Your Project !

Description: Positve acoustic theme with piano, acoustic guitars,saxophone and melodic percussion

Description: This positive track has a great uplifting and joyful mood. It is perfect for corporate and business presentations, advertisements, commercials, news broadcasts, podcasts, TV and radio shows.

Description: A simple, cute and playful track that expresses the innocense of being a kid.

Description: A happy and bouncy flowing every day melody featuring carefree flute and sweet pizzicato strings. The theme is suitable for childrens themes, animation or animal themes designed to imply a cute and cheerful feel. Very bright and joyful with catchy finger clicks and playful notes making it fun and enjoyable for many end uses.

Description: positive,exploring theme for children's programs or websites.

Description: Fun and silly beach / sunshine type track.Imagine children playing on the shore , finding seashells and splashing in the waves. Watching the slow flakes gently fall on Christmas morning as the fireplace inside warms your heart and soul. What could be greater than waking up on Christmas . Sentimental , romantic and very family / love oriented composition. Up beat sounding track. Amazingly positive energy ,home , and good times are the staple of this optimistic track. Summer is finally here , fishing and camping season is open , enjoy splashing in the lake with the whole family

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