Description: Acoustic Guitar Blues In the Key of E. Rhythmic guitar led by drums.

Description: instrumental acoustic blues guitar.

Description: Boogie woogie, blues, down home, country, bar room, feel good, twangy, fast guitar, blues piano, drums, bass

Description: This is a male footsteps sounds pack on wood in casual wear. Here are three types of footsteps: running, walking and stealthy crouched movement.

Description: Authentic rural feel, down & dirty

Description: A sad, depressed music track with a dark feel.

Description: This is a slightly dark and rhythmic melody in a unique Western style that conveys the dark and romantic atmosphere of the great Wild West! His amazing musical phrase, featuring lively and dirty bass lines, an acoustic and electric guitar and a strong rhythm of a rock drum, will help you improve your promotional videos, musical scores and commercial video production. Feel free to use this intriguing and inspiring piece of music also in your video games, promo, promotional materials and documentaries, and your uniqueness will be highly appreciated!

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