Description: Acoustic Guitar Blues In the Key of E. Rhythmic guitar led by drums.

Description: instrumental acoustic blues guitar.

Description: Authentic rural feel, down & dirty

Description: An upbeat exotic beat with cool EDM elements, excellent as standalone music or background for all kinds of media: podcast, trailer, radio, commercial, short film, vlog, YouTube, TV show, ads, commercial, promotions and more.

Description: Boogie woogie, blues, down home, country, bar room, feel good, twangy, fast guitar, blues piano, drums, bass

Description: Atmospheric ambient track with majestic pads which can be used as background music loop for a lot of sci-fi / space / futuristic media: short film, trailer, animation, video game, promo video, ads, commercial, radio, podcast, vlog, YouTube, movie, documentary, visual spectacles and many more.

Description: Tranquil fantasy music loop with ethereal pads and soft harp, excellent as background music for video game, short film, animation, podcast or other media.

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