Description: This dreamy light guitar instrumental gives you a tranquil yet hopeful feel, played with two guitars (steel and slide). Welcoming, warm & friendly nu-folk, with a real feelgood vibe. Conjours up visions of long hot sunny days in the countryside, idyllic rustic living, or peaceful country life.

Description: song based on strong bass line performed by saxophone quartet with alto and batitine solo.

Description: This is a description making sure it is over 25 characters.

Description: Blues Guitar Brass Electric Sax Mid

Description: Slow Blues piece performed on grand piano. Very melancholic and reflective feel.

Description: A serene ambient track with soft instruments and tranquil atmospheres which fades out gradually at the end but can also loop smoothly if needed. Excellent for meditation purposes or as background music for a lot of media out there: short film, commercial, movie, ads, animation, podcast, radio, TV show, YouTube, vlogs, video game, app, cartoon and many many more.

Description: A laid back and relaxed bluesy piece of music, using some interesting rhythms and beautiful chord inversions. Smooth guitar and keyboard sounds in combination with groovy backing ensemble.

Description: Blues Period Rock Vocals 70s Guitar Electric Male Mid

Description: "Black Tux, White Sox" (just glance at the musicians on the bandstand at a wedding gig!) is a medium-tempo blues. Our arrangement features sequential mellow vibraphone, guitar, Hammond organ (B3) and baritone saxophone solos backed by a bluesy rhythm section.

Description: Blues Vocals Guitar Electric Male Mid

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