Description: Acoustic Guitar Blues In the Key of E. Rhythmic guitar led by drums.

Description: Toe-tapping blues harmonica atop drums, piano, electric guitar, and electric bass. Bluesy, slightly rustic feel. Live performance; no virtual instruments.

Description: solo acoustic blues guitar

Description: Funky Blues track. Rythmic guitar, with a steady 16th note touch to it. Would be at home in a James Brown album.

Description: Raw blues in tradition of the great Texas guitar-slingers like T-Bone and Stevie Ray. Electric guitars, bass and drums.

Description: Blues, Western, Western, Bad, Determined, Moody, Serious, in a Confident mood, featuring Guitar, Acoustic, with a Mid tempo

Description: somber, confused, disenchanted, film and television cue.

Description: Acoustic Guitar Blues In the Key of D. Funky Blues guitar partnered with energetic drums.

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