Description: TV Theme Inspirations - TV Sound-alike's - Rock n Roll doing' the potato with a Batman twist. Holy Sixties!, 150 BPM, Very Fast

Description: Excellent dirty funk track, driving groovy guitars and kit, upbeat and lively, will suit a diverse range of media productions from feel good corporate DVD/Presentation, Sports promos and instrumental music beds for advertising. Will also sit well with a high adrenaline visual

Description: A cartoon like "wandering around" melody with several moods and influences. Light symphonic orchestration: Brass, Strings, Percussion, Woodwinds Track length: 2:06

Description: TV Theme Inspirations - TV Sound-alike's - Mike Post-esque theme for a contemporary law drama ala Law and Order or CSI from the 90's. 120 BPM, Fast

Description: Very short jazzy stinger - great for logo or ID spot

Description: atmospheric, ethereal, magical, cautious,

Description: Up-beat instrumental that is happy, bouncy and high energy. Perfect to incorporate into a children’s production, video game, car commercial – anywhere you want a fun quirky feel. Perfect for the family, youth or children.

Description: Stunning dramatic piano cue with an emotional cello and percussion. An instrumental ballad that will take you on a journey of emotions. Great for financial product advertising, a cue which is wholesome and has integrity, a product you can trust.

Description: strong, determined, energetic, elated

Description: Funky james brown style band track with brass, rhodes drums and bass. Ideal for tv intro etc

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