Description: Musicbeds - Heavy Metal with screaming guitars and hard drums. B version

Description: Inspirational and motivational Pop rock music track, with electric guitars, bass and drums. The catchy melodies and build up of the music will evoke feelings of success and achievement. Perfect background for commercials, corporate videos, presentations, promotions, TV shows and more.

Description: Musicbeds - Big and energetic Electro for Soccer World Cup with driving Samba drums and huge synths. B version

Description: Musicbeds - Driving Pop for VMAs with big synths and rough bass. Full version

Description: Musicbeds - Hot and uplifting Electro music with distorted synths and driving beats. B version

Description: Musicbeds - Positive 80s Pop with bright guitar and driving synth bass. Full version

Description: A very calm and gentle background track that loops seamlessly. The modest instrumentation and repetitive pattern makes this piece of music the perfect choice for your media production. There is a lot of room for other elements like voice-over, sound-effects without losing the enhanced emotional tone this track has to offer. Great for commercials, corporate videos, YouTube videos and documentaries.

Description: An inspiring and peaceful solo piano track. Perfect choice for romantic videos, documentary series, inspirational projects, photo slideshows and more…

Description: Majestic fairy ambient pleasant short music for beauty commercials and children TV.

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