Description: Dark mysterious and dramatic keyboard driven cue

Description: Gentle and inviting, rolling light theme. Ideal for travelogue, sales voiceover, shopping channels or On Hold. Main mix, underscore, and 60, 40, 30 and 10 sec cuts

Description: Thick layered moog synth pads, ambient drones and textures, spacey risers, a dark growling dubstep electro synth, filtered electro synth bass, and strong dubstep-electro drum programming / Composed for projects that need deep space exploration documentary drama sounds and flavors

Description: busy shopping elevator music.

Description: A simple piano escape... The piano sounds far away... and distant.. hence the title.

Description: Urban, grungy, slow funk groove with attitude. Features wah electric bass and heavy solid beats. Great for fashion, urban, shopping. Main mix, 60, 30 and 07 sec versions

Description: Panning ambient pads and textures, sub bass drones and stabs, light mysterious synth risers, smooth Rhodes chords, deep powerful 808 sub bass, lush orchestral cellos and violas, a mournful lead melody played by moog synth and distorted electric guitars, a percussive low filtered trance synth / Perfect for projects that need dark ambient suspenseful drama with urban sounds and flavors

Description: Something like a Danny Elfman sort of cue... Sort of "The Simpsons" like

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