Description: Sound effect recording of a combine harvester or other tractor starting its engine and beginning to operate.

Description: A single cylinder Onan engine on a 1989 Wheel Horse 212-5 riding lawn mower cranking over, starting, then stalling out.

Description: Tractor starts then revs with occasional gear grind, more revs then stalls

Description: high quality stereo recording of an old farm tractor driving past.

Description: Tractor, Lantz25, 1938, Arrives, Engine Off; Digiffects; Farm Equipment

Description: Tractor, Mccormick, Old, Idle; Digiffects; Farm Equipment

Description: Close on the idling engine of a vintage tractor. Stereo.

Description: Tractor, Start And Drive Into Field Farm Equipment

Description: Bobcat: Ext: Pass By, Dump Load Into Dump Truck, Shut Off; Heavy & Construction Equipment

Description: Large Farm Tractor: Jd8100: Ext: Start, Idle, Pull Away From Rear At Slow Speed; Farm Equipment

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