Description: Sound effect pack that contains seven unique recordings of an engine cranking and turning over as someone turns the ignition and tries to get the motor started, to no avail. Various lengths included.

Description: 90s Citroen ZX diesel, ignition, engine idling, off

Description: Ext: Crank Start, Idle, Shut Off From Side, Ford, Vintage Car Antique Cars (Pre 1940);Ford Cars

Description: Starting Opel Corsa and driving away

Description: Metallic grinding on a car transmission while in idle.

Description: Close car starting - BMW Mini Cooper

Description: 1950 mercury - 255 ci - flathead engine turns over then stalls.

Description: Car failing to start, starter motor turning over but engine not engaging.

Description: Sound of: starting car and driving away

Description: Sound of a car engine starting. Perfect for movie sound effect or video game.

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