Description: Realistic sound of the helicopter. Use in games, at a postscoring of video, movies and as effect in your projects. Good luck!

Description: Clean recording of military type helicopter blades popping air as it is incoming or flying by. Stereo.

Description: Hi definition CU slowed down helicopter blades with a sense of movement.

Description: Helicopter passes by with slow, clean blade thwops. Mono

Description: Helicopter, Cougar takes off half the distance, following bg Air Force Base

Description: Police helicopter passes by while circling. Stereo.

Description: Helicopter Sikorsky S92A MK2 Helibus, taxis at the track follows for position waiting for take off bg airport runway wind

Description: Helicopter Cougar on the track apart, rotor on, blades moving bg Air Force Base

Description: Helicopter, Cougar in flight arises fast, half the distance, maneuver and ateriza bg Air Force Base

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