Description: This is a bluesy and uplifting country blues rock music, full of fun and joy. Great for southern and western background, funny and comical comedy scenes, happy country music, drive and road background music, guitar solo, country radio stations and much more.

Description: Raunchy Country Rock track with real southern bluesy feel. Edgy electric guitars and groovy beat, this dynamic track has a great authentic sound. Perfect for videos, films, advertising.

Description: Fun Hip Hop track combined with a humorous southern line-dance feel. Groovy beat with twangy electric guitars and vocal samples. Great for comedy, cartoon, funny youtube videos!

Description: Happy, carefree Country track with comical, yet authentic southern Hillbilly feel. Definitely a track that makes you want to "grab your partner" and have a great time! Perfect for fun, light-hearted music for commercials, videos, tv shows.

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Contemporary and Pop

Description: Upbeat energetic acoustic in country style, uplifting and cheerful, bouncy and playful track features acoustic drums, banjo, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass with soft vibrations and mellow tones. The mood of the festival and party. Good for motivational background and cinematic trailer track, comedy ending, energetic podcast, intro, motivation, score, video game. wedding videos, romantic videos, commercials, photo slideshows, presentations and more.

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Contemporary and Pop

Description: This is is positive modern country pop track with acoustic guitar, electric guitar, violin, mandolin, banjo, fat bass, cool melody and dance beat! Perfect for dancing, beach summer video, all active and dynamic projects, commercial and corporate, advertising, movie, TV, Youtube content, presentations and much much more.

Description: An upbeat fun traditional country instrumental with a humorous vibe, electric guitars, bass and drums, up tempo, bouncy, lighthearted and happy.

Description: A modern country instrumental loop featuring that "Tele Twang".

Description: Theme instrumental featuring ukuleles, acoustic guitar, synths, and bass. Possible uses can range from reflection scenes, prepation pieces, etc.

Description: Laidback country-influenced arrangement of guitars, piano, bass and drums with a jazz-inspired chorus in a 104 second loop.

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