Description: classical guitar, plucked g chord.

Description: classical acoustic guitar, plucked d chord.

Description: Energetic, uplifting and triumphant, this tune is in the Classical style and brings to mind Mozart’s piano concertos. The huge orchestral sound gives way to just a piano and flute giving the piece some contrast. Use it in presentations that involve the po.

Description: With its ominous sound, this SoundSet evokes great power and contrast and wages war on the ear. Shades of darkness resound and penetrate eerily, even in the calm passage with the piano. The perfect production for this composition is a film, a story that k.

Description: Ideal for motion picture or digital video, this tune tells a twisted tale of multiple dimensions. All the elements are there: mystery, urgency, betrayal, sensuality, love lost. This SoundSet has elements from foreign films, The Godfather and Beethoven's s.

Description: This sound evokes a feeling of sadness with a slight sense of hope carried by the flute. The wave effect in this sound makes it ideal for presentations involving images of nature or humanity. This piece would work well for presentations designed to evoke.

Description: Dramatic and very powerful, this piece evokes strong feelings, defiant and revolutionary feelings. This sound is perfect for presentations that are designed to take the viewer by surprise, almost overwhelming the emotions. The violin and piano in the midd.

Description: This piece evokes a sense of chase and possibly fear. The powerful character is brought on with the use of the Timpani (Accent file). The violin that follows the string section brings about some relief and slows down the rhythm. This piece is ideal for us.

Description: An ambiance is immediately created with the first note of this piece. A dramatic story is told as the music unfolds. The timpani create a sense of force and power. The middle section with the piano and violin create a pensive atmosphere before the dramati.

Description: The opening section with the piano, flute and violin create a sense of humility, almost of pleading for forgiveness. The strings, especially the lower strings, add motion to this piece, ideal for presentations involving images of nature or of space.

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