Description: Trendy ambient background music with chill hop vibe and vocal chops. Beautiful, deep and relaxing track. Perfect for fashion commercial, travel vlog, summer video, timelapse, drone footage, beauty montage, Instagram promo, fashion backstage, slideshow and more.

Description: Soft, warm, gentle, inspiring, beautiful deep and relaxing ambient background music. Good background for adult video, sensual slideshow, sexy commercial, advertising, presentation, slowmotion, documentary, lifestyle, traveling, podcast, timelapse, luxury promo, spa, meditation, yoga, relaxing video, videos about nature, and many more.

Description: Beautiful deep and relaxing ambient background music. Slow atmospheric minimalistic and peaceful track. Good background for adult videos, sensual slide shows, television intro, sexy commercial, advertising, presentation, web video, slowmotion, documentary, lifestyle, traveling, podcast, timelapse, and many more.

Description: Easy positive background music with summer mood. Fashion sunny chillout. Perfect for motivational videos, presentations, film, advertising, commercials, slide shows, summer footage, any project or video that requires beautiful, light and inspiring background music.

Description: Inspiring Background Chill. This relaxing positive music can be used in different types of inspirational and motivational videos, commercials, presentations, home videos, science and nature documentary. It provides good and uplifting mood.

Description: Relax with acoustic guitar and flute

Description: Atmospheric background with piano, pads, guitar and some bongos

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