Description: Adventure tune in Indiana Jones style

Description: Middle Ages tune with piano, strings and flute

Description: Wild West gangster music. You can easily imagine a bandits, saloon, gun and cowboys. Enjoy and thanks for commenting and rating.

Description: Adventure tune in Indiana Jones style. Seems like searching and finding golden treasures. Enjoy and thanks for commenting and rating.

Description: Adventure style. Pirates and sea battles. Seems like searching treasures across seas. Use this track for films, shows, tv, radio, animations and more.

Description: Beautiful, inspiring, epic, motivational cinematic background music. Driving and uplifting orchestral music with heroic melodies. Perfect for historical film, action, battle, war, sport, workout, fitness, motivation, trailer, teaser, intro, game, movie, advertising and much more.

Description: Epic, powerful and inspirational background music! Epical track is perfect for trailer, background, advertising, historical film, movie about superheroes, teaser and many other projects! Good for dramatic ending, moments of hope and inspiring, intro, military, motivation, patriotic, score, trailer, triumphant, video game. Featuring a building orchestra with energetic symphonic strings, piano, strong percussion, and choir.

Description: “Cinematic Inspiring” is an uplifting track with powerful epic sound. The composition creates the atmosphere of romance and motivation. Perfect for inspirational videos, movies, motivating projects. The track can be used as the main theme for the various projects. Advertising or presentation will be exciting, impressive and successful. The track is suitable for video romantic or heroic. Sports events also will look inspiring together with this powerful track.

Description: A very peaceful track that is meant to evoke feelings of hope, dreams and happiness. Carefree and inspirational track with strings. Bright and light-hearted composition. Seems like happy end of historical movie or the beginning of something amazing. A little medieval mood. Perfect for romantic or adventure film.

Description: Short Piece of old England. Seem like you are in Sherlok Holmes times. It is classical in its ensemble and style. Enjoy and thanks for commenting and rating.

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