Description: Driving, energetic hard rock drum beat. Perfect for percussive music bed / backing track.

Description: Percussive track combining a cool blend of traditional middle eastern percussion instruments and a modern live drum beat. Uplifting, seductive and very danceable, this groovy track is great as background music for web videos, travel, cultural and adventure shows.

Description: Uplifting, carefree Jazz Funk track with solid drum groove, walking bass line, chucking guitar, smooth organ and catchy synth melody. Mid way, there's a cool break down section with beat and horns, then back into original groove. Great for quirky, happy background track for TV, Film, Advertising, Presentations and Youtube videos.

Description: Blues solo harmonica, very spacious, thoughtful, calm and…bluesy.

Description: Catchy modern Pop track with cool beat, melodic piano and mysterious synths. Gradually builds into powerful chorus section. Uplifting, motivating atmosphere with a dark twist!

Description: Repetitive guitar riff in an Alternative/Indie Rock style.

Description: A beautiful rendition of Beethoven's famous piano sonata. Very emotional piece with feelings of sadness and loss.

Description: Beautiful waltz performed on solo piano. Delicate and romantic, pouring with emotion.

Description: Melancholic, dreamy piano piece with spacious atmospheric feel. Simple and non-obtrusive, yet full of emotion, this ambient track works well behind dialog.

Description: Cool, groovy Electro Chill / Pop track with solid beat, catchy guitar melody, spacey synths and vocoder. This track has an uplifting, inspiring, carefree vibe, great as trendy modern background music for videos, games, presentations, television, film productions.

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