Description: This is an orchestral logo in the stylistics of Hollywood film companies! This item sounds powerful, solemnly, thanks to the palette of the symphony orchestra, is perfect for media projects with themes of celebration, rewarding, performing, beginning, intro, logos, titles, screen saver for a film, etc!

Description: This is an intro annonce sound! It is a perfect for announcing, notification, notice, message and other alerts

Description: This is a orchestral music track in comedy genre that will perfect for any media projects with themes of babies, kids, cartoon, animation, toys, children’s games, children’s theater, advertising of children’s products and services and more! The music has a nice easy cheerful and playful atmosphere in classical orchestral medium, what is a universal musical means of expression!

Description: This is a 8-bit music for any retro game projects similar with Tetris, Mario, Dandy, and other similar releases! It music is in the loop format, and can by play as long as you want! Also this music perfect for any animation films about 8-bit game themes!

Description: This is a calm and warm electronic pop track with very nice optimistic and positive peaceful mood. This item will be perfect for any media projects where need a easy, motivation, modern, minimal, uplifting, hopeful background music. It is good for advertisement, development, corporate, TV, YouTube channels, travels video, vlog, presentations, commercials, slideshow, reviews, product promo, elevator ambient music and more.

Description: A wonderful Christmas theme, made in traditional style and instruments! This Christmas music suited to a variety of media projects, video and flash animation, funny visual greetings, intros at a Christmas party and other entertainment activities! Instruments:pizzicato strings, horns, piano, percussion, and bells!

Description: This is a Christmas music that will give to you a real holiday emotions, happy mode, cheerful, fun and inspire atmosphere! This music is written in the traditional Christmas musical style with the use of orchestral instruments, violins, cellos, timpani, bells, harp and others! Music gives a real Christmas mood and Happy New Year!

Description: It is a remix to old and very famous Christmas song “Jingle Bells”! This item creates a wonderful holiday atmosphere, magic , new year, Santa, gifts, fireworks, fun, and happiness, winter time holidays and very positive emotions!

Description: This is a short vocal Merry Christmas compliments that will be perfect for Christmas theme of logo, flash animation, cartoon scene, funny congratulation, logo, intro, start, beginning, outro e.t.c.

Description: This is a corporate inspiring and optimistic music, that perfect for media projects of corporate, uplifting, hopeful, business music, inspirational, motivation, commercial, advertisement, TV ads, YouTube videos, corporate presentations! Also this background music will be fine for media projects with themes of travel, summer, optimistic, positive, success and upbeat!

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