Description: Trap Projection #1starts with an energetic edm type drop that smashes into the beef of the record,big sub bass,raunchy synth bass and lots of keys

Description: Dark ambient textures and drones, thick layered tense and disturbing chords, deep distorted 808-Sub bass, a suspenseful and creepy lead melody played by percussive synths, vibes, piano, and violins, orchestral percussion and low impact drums, and very detailed trap drum programming / Think James Wan, Clive Barker, or John Carpenter made a trap beat, it would sound like this

Description: An ambient piano chord pattern chopped and re-played on the MPC made to sound like a sample, chopped and processed vocal adlibs, a smooth thick layered electro synth hook melody, dark and bouncy distorted 808-sub bass, and hard banging trap drum programming / Think DJ Plugg and Bobby Kritical type beat for Lil Uzi Vert

Description: Black KagMiC Trap beat with 808's synths,keys and drums

Description: Melodic Dark Trap beat,with piano's synth's808's