Description: This track perfect for advertisment, motivational and sport video.

Description: Hip-Hop, Urban, Dance, Dark, Menacing, Black Eyed Peas, Lil' Wayne, Evil, Hostile, Intimidating, Action, Haunting, Drama, Gangster, Gangsta, Revenge, Retribution, Danger

Description: Hip-hop music track that creates vibe of streets. Stylish catchy rhythm created with guitars, drums, synths, e.piano and voice sample. The track can be used in a fashion videos promotions, urban slideshows and more. Atmospheric track for your creative projects.

Description: hip hop flavor with guitar over it.

Description: Hip-Hop, Urban, Dance, Latin, Dark, Menacing, Underscore, Evil, Hostile, Intimidating, Haunting, Drama, Club, Latin, Gangster, Gangsta, Revenge, Retribution, Danger

Description: No Drums Mix of Take The Money. Take The Money (No Drums).

Description: Epic hip hop soundtrack with a cinematic flair reflecting the dark and dramatic side of urban life.

Description: A drum and Bass Mix of Take The Money(Drums and Bass).

Description: party record, sounds like jay z, rick ross, ludacris

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