Description: A catchy analog lead synth melody, sharp electro synth stabs, panning electro synth fills, distorted electric guitar power chords, angelic string pads, lush piano and string chord patterns, ambient synth fills, hard thumping MPC style drum programming, and low 808 bass boom

Description: Spacey rises, percussive synth stabs, smooth ambient synth melodies, vocal chants, hard pounding MPC style drums, and low 808 sub bass.

Description: Energetic Pop is fresh, catchy, corporate, upbeat, positive, happy, fun, modern, club dance indie pop rock party anthem with uplifting harmonies, cool guitars, melodic synthesizers, deep bass, powerful beats. Perfect for: TV-shows, commercials, corporate projects, movie trailers, radio, presentations, promotions, games, youtube videos, films.

Description: A panning processed vocal adlib, 16th note filtered arp electro synth, brass rises, synth fx risers, ambient analog synth fills, deep distorted 808-sub bass, panning claps and hats, and hard lo-fi trap drum programming / Think hard lo-fi trap beat like Smokepurpp "Audi"

Description: Smooth ambient pads, textures, and piano, sexy analog moog synth fills, deep distorted 808-sub bass, and hard banging modern trap drum programming / Think Lil Pump "Gucci Gang" type beat

Description: Smooth thick layered synth chords, mellow ambient flutes, powerful funky deep 808-sub bass, and banging modern trap drum programming / Think YBN Nahmir, SmokePurpp, xxxtentacion, Tay-K, or Metro Boomin type smooth mellow feel good trap beat

Description: Smooth ambient synths, thick layered ghostly pads, a haunting lead detuned piano, vibes, and percussive synth lead melody, big tremolo string rises, white noise risers, sub bass drones, deep distorted 808-sub bass, and very detailed ambient trap drum programming / Think cinematic paranormal style trap beat

Description: Can't Stop Thinking Of You is an instrumental electronic groove track with trap and a romantic mood. Music for promo, branding, advertising, commercials, reality shows, and luxury car commercials.

Description: An ambient piano chord pattern chopped and re-played on the MPC made to sound like a sample, chopped and processed vocal adlibs, a smooth thick layered electro synth hook melody, dark and bouncy distorted 808-sub bass, and hard banging trap drum programming / Think DJ Plugg and Bobby Kritical type beat for Lil Uzi Vert

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