Description: Dj Voice Scratch With Dance Music And Voice, Check It Out; Stereos, Dj Scratches

Description: Trapdoor Snaps Open, Elements X 5; ( 1 ) Trapdoor Snaps Open, Dry; ( 2 ) Trapdoor Snaps Open, Reverberant; ( 3 ) Trapdoor Catch Snaps Open, Version 1; ( 4 ) Trapdoor Catch Snaps Open, Version 2; ( 5 ) Trapdoor B.

Description: Small door opening with squeak and echo.

Description: Spooky creaking door and slam

Description: Squeaky door opening and closing, three instances at different speeds

Description: Sound of: opening and closing shop door - few takes

Description: sound of a giant door slamming shut, metal, reverberant

Description: Large Wooden Door; Opens, Reverberant Interior.

Description: Needle Scratching Record, Record Player Stereos

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