Description: Trap And Bass Essentials 1 is a beautiful laid back track containing inspiring and emotional synth chords,arpeggios,big bass,lead synth hooks drops and builds

Description: A haunting crystal clean chord pattern, a mysterious spy lead melody played by glockenspiel and flutes, a dark funky distorted 808-sub bass, tremolo strings, and hard banging detailed trap drum programming / Think Da Mafia 6ix, $UICIDEBOY$, or Bones type hard trap beat

Description: Pure Future Bass is a modern and unique summer future bass track with powerful lead synths, drums, dubstep elements, piano, vocal fx and etc. Perfect for soundtracks, background music for advertising videos, action film trailers, sports, radio, gopro, youtube, slideshows. TV. Enjoy!

Description: Trap Pro10 is a party tune with great energy and swift impact into many musical styles..

Description: Trap Pro9 is a multi genre trap tune from edm to pop to hip hop..

Description: Trap Pro8 contains catchy hooky EDM synths with a smooth dance beat and sections where it twists into 808 beats and alternate rhythms.

Description: Trap Pro7 contains an edge of soft love music with a strong lead melody over smooth beats and the trap element of deep rich sub bass..

Description: Trap Pro6 is inspired by hip hop and chill out trap with a mood capturing special Qanun solo between deep bass with rumbled kicks,pump pads and drops.

Description: Trap Pro5 is a perky stylistic track inspired by EDM dance with a wide range in mood changes with swift impacts into EDM and Trap sections,emotionally capturing pads and hook..

Description: TrapPro 4 contains fat,rich,deep Gothic electronic sounds over a rustic trap rock beat..