Description: Trap Pro 3 contains raw 808 swing beats with the 808 kick pitched around to a cool rhythm over rich filtered pads that climb into feel good music and horns..

Description: Trap Pro 2 is a raw 808 driven trap track with hip hop beats over an excited key riff - the entire track features special mood changes that make it sound like 3 records on 1including straight dance sections..

Description: Trap Pro 1 starts with cool EDM pop keys and then twirls into a high power Trap EDM Trance chase groove.

Description: Trap Breakaway # 10 is a rich,exciting,pumping,emotional,inspiring hook driven multi genre track with big pads with edm rhythm sections and trap drops with sub bass pitch changes..

Description: Trap Breakaway # 9 is inspired by smooth,easy listening,randb,chillout and lounge produced at 142 BPM played in half time,the drums playing a ballad type groove have a trap feel with moments of trance pulsing keys,rising siren effect and claps at 142 BPM

Description: Trap Breakaway # 8 is a rich feel good trap track with melodic overtones containing influences from EDM, hiphop, easy listening, pop, rock with hard smash type trap drums and a EDM 4 on the floor section.

Description: Trap Breakaway # 7 is a classy sexy track with smooth ambient like analog sounds over tight break trap drums and sub bass.

Description: Detuned processed piano chord stabs, deep conscious ambient lead piano melody, powerful distorted 808-sub bass, and hard banging trap drum programming / Think Drake "Free Smoke" type beat

Description: Trap Breakaway # 6 is inspired by retro pop and ambient blended with a mixture of beats from different genres. Contains a mesmerizing hook that gives the track a sultry feeling along with fashioned sounds from rich analog synths..

Description: Trap Breakaway # 5 starts with cathedral organ into a multi pitched 808 kick groove over tight drums,synths,strings,sub bass,effects and cool mix moves.