Description: Epic sounding Hip Hop Tension with Trap elements.

Description: victorious Epic Trap beat with horns that invokes the presence of a winner.

Description: Epic Trap with orchestral strings heavy snares and kick drum.

Description: Epic Trap with driving strings and hard 808's

Description: Hard hitting Trap beat you would hear 3 six mafia on.

Description: a down tempo electronic song with styles of dub step and trap

Description: a loopable beat inspired by the sound of southern hip hop

Description: Its a Trap!! Funny Dance Music for your YouTube Viral Video! Watch out for this wild man sway! Check out Heatleybros music for more great tracks and sound effects.

Description: It is a untypical trap beat because I mix a spacial and calm sound with the base percussion of trap. Its generates a modern and urban sound with a pacific melodys. The sence that it reach can be used in media that needs something that sound modern but not to aggressive or basic like other tracks, the hypnotical sequence of this beat its perfect for this situations and many others, like presentations, advertisings, commercials, viral marketing, youtube background, pormotional videos, etc.

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